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Automatic slideshows

If your post contains a number of photos you may like to display them as thumbnails, showing a slideshow of the full size images when a »

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Uploading photos

Your you-beaut phone or camera takes great pictures, but they are probably saved as rather large files. You can do visitors to this site a favour »

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New user advice

So, you have signed up as a registered user of the site so that you too can post news and ride reports. This page will guide »

Feel free to comment

Registered users can now post comments on any pages where commenting has been enabled. You can see a small example on the Any Sunday page, and »

Register to edit the site

User registration is not yet possible directly from the web site. Email Steve with the following details to be added as a new user: »

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Navigating the web site

This site endeavours to be mobile as well as desktop friendly. Pages reformat automatically to accommodate different screen sizes. When using a computer simply moving »

The Editor

This site features true WYSIWYG editing. No more forms or rich-text controls — it's just like typing on the live webpage. Here are some tips for »

Editing tips

Register first You will need to register to edit this site. Admin Panel To access the admin panel, go to: /admin and log in. Note that »