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Automatic slideshows

If your post contains a number of photos you may like to display them as thumbnails, showing a slideshow of the full size images when a thumbnail is clicked. This is very easily achieved by reducing the display size of your images after upload. There are two ways of uploading photos to your post and therefore two ways of creating thumbnails.

1. Drag and drop

You can add photos to your post simply by dragging them onto the page. In this case it is recommended that you drag all your images onto the page and then double click on them one by one to display their properties. Doing so, you will see fields for height and width of your photo. Reduce height and width so that width is 300px or less, and height is 250px or less. Click submit to apply your changes. Your photo will now display as a thumbnail and clicking on it will display the larger image.

2. Using the add-image icon

This process is similar, but rather than dragging your images onto the page you add them by clicking on the camera icon at the top of the post being edited. This displays the same properties panel as in method one, but in this case you will need to select your photo using the camera icon in the source field. Once it loads you will again be able to set height and width to 300px or less for width and 250px or less for height. Click submit to complete the process and repeat for subsequent photos.

Whichever way you upload your photos, if you fill in the description field for an image it will be displayed when the full size image is viewed.

You can take a look at images resized as thumbnails in the post "Recently seen at Ricks Cafe" - click on an image to view larger.