Escaping the rain - somewhat

In early April three “Geese” headed South to NSW for seven days in an attempt to get away from the incessant Sunshine Coast rain. It worked… »

Garry Walker on Rides

Not dead yet

Just to emphasise what I have previously told people: we may have lost the original "" domain name but this web site lives on using the »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

End of an era

The Wild Geese domain name has been used by this web site for many years but I have just been informed by my registrar that as »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

Training for Ulysses membership

A small gaggle of mature Geese set off for a leisurely outing to Imbil where a recovery period was planned in, as we old folks no »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

A run to Killarney

4 Geese and a visitor took a run to Killarney for an overnighter, the start from Peachester was a bit chilly Sat 20th May and we »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae on Rides

Thurs 19th Jan

A good number of riders gathered at Guncotton with a promising weather outlook and after coffee and food taken, a bit of discussion took place as »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae

New improved comments for posts

A basic comments system has existed here for a long time, but it had to be activated for individual posts and you needed a site login »

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With the prospect of a hot day looming those  that attended Guncotton decided on a shortish run in the hinterland rather than a long way to »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae

Christmas Lunch 2022

I live in hope, but Christmas has apparently not been cancelled this year (again), so it has been decided by management that there shall once more »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

Thursday 24th November

Nine riders left Yandina heading up to Dulong and then up the Razorback Road to Montville. From there we rode down to Peachester. Then we went »

Max Phillips