Meet the Geese

Steve Pike

a.k.a. Gizmo Goose I have flocked with the Geese since the early days, discovering the club not too long after its inception. I »

Steve Pike Steve Pike on Members

Allan Reynolds

a.k.a. Big Goose I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1949, Emigrated to Australia in 1960 with my family, and started riding with the »

Allan Reynolds Allan Reynolds on Members

Garry Cosmo

a.k.a. Cos Goose its good just to go riding. »

Garry Cosmo Garry Cosmo on Members

Mike White

a.k.a. White Goose. I rediscovered bikes as I planned for retirement and yes, riding with better riders beats working! »

Mike White Mike White on Members

Rod MacRae

 I joined the Wild Geese around 7 years ago. I started riding many years(decades) ago in Sydney firstly on a Honda CB250 then a Suzuki 500 »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae on Members

James Gibson

a.k.a. JAG Goose I joined the club almost at the start . Actually I joined before even owning my re-entry bike, a 1980 R65. My current »

James Gibson James Gibson on Members

Colin Sheehan

G'day to all. Let me know if I can help in any way at any time. I have been with this group for a few years »

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