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Editing tips

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Admin Panel

To access the admin panel, go to: /admin and log in. Note that the software running this site is still at an early stage of development and a few key elements of managing your posts are currently unavailable.

Editing Tips

Need to find something? Press CMD/CTRL + P to open the locater. You can search for posts, tags, users, and more with just a few keystrokes.

A history is maintained of every change you publish. From the editor, go to Settings > History to view them. You can also view, restore, and delete revisions from the history panel.

Save time using keyboard shortcuts. You'll find a list of available shortcuts in the Postleaf docs.

Your photos are not resized on upload. If they are large, high-resolution files they will be slow to load in the viewer's browser. It is suggested that you resize them before upload to be no bigger than 1200 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall.

Oh, and don't forget to update your profile! Set your avatar and tell us about yourself by filling in your bio. Head over to Users to do that now.

Looking for a great place to get high quality cover photos? Check out Unsplash.

(see also: Using the editor, Navigating the web site)