ild Geese

The Editor

This site features true WYSIWYG editing. No more forms or rich-text controls โ€” it's just like typing on the live webpage. Here are some tips for using the editor.

The Toolbar

The toolbar has all the options you're familiar with. You can format text, insert links or images, and embed content from third-party websites such as Vimeo or Instagram.

The editor is designed to produce clean, semantic markup. The idea is to let authors focus on their content, not on how their content looks. That's why you won't find any tools to change fonts, colors, or sizes.


Just type! Use the toolbar at the top of the page if you need to format your text - you can create headings, italicise or underline text, or make it bold. You can also highlight a word or phrase and turn it into a hyperlink to another page. If you leave a blank line between paragraphs it will become a horizontal grey line when the page is displayed. 

Drag & Drop

You can insert images and other files using the Images and Link buttons, respectively. Or just drop a file into the editor. Images will be uploaded and inserted directly into your post, and other files will be uploaded and inserted as a link. Note though that your files will not be resized, so size them appropriately for the web - no more than 1200 pixels wide, or 800 pixels tall. 750pixels long is often big enough and save them as 72 dpi jpeg format files. As well as placing images with your text you can set an image for the page header.


Click the cog button to open the Settings panel for the page. From there, you can fine tune each post from the URL all the way down to metadata.

Use the History tab to view all a post's past revisions. One click will show you a preview of the post at any given time. Another will revert the post back to that state, including all content, metadata, and settings.

Zen Mode

Inline editing is awesome, but sometimes you just want to get in the zone and focus on writing. Postleaf can accommodate you with zen mode. Just click the leaf button and all your styles will disappear so you can become one with your content. Another click will restore the normal inline editing experience.