ild Geese

New user advice

So, you have signed up as a registered user of the site so that you too can post news and ride reports. This page will guide you through some recommended first steps.

  1. Your user ID and password will have been mailed to you so you can now log in by selecting Admin from the site menu.
  2. Edit your user details and upload a photo of yourself (this will appear below any posts you create).
  3. Create a new post using the + icon, and enter your full name as title
    • add a short (or long!) bio
    • click on the gear icon at top right of the edit page and:
      • add tag "Members" so that this page will be listed when you click on Members in the menu.
      • optionally upload a photo for your page, also under the gear icon.

Remember to hit Save after making changes (you will be warned if you try to leave the page without saving).

Be careful not to attempt to edit a post straight from a page where it is listed with other posts. Click to open it first, otherwise you may edit the containing page, not the post!

If you create a new post which is a ride report, remember to tag it with Rides.

Read also about uploading photos.

If this is all beyond you, send your prose to Steve Pike or Colin Sheehan & we will enter it for you.