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Uploading photos

Your you-beaut phone or camera takes great pictures, but they are probably saved as rather large files. You can do visitors to this site a favour by resizing them and saving them as 72dpi jpeg files before uploading. Suggested width is no more than 1200 pixels, and height no more than 900 pixels. Your avatar (the small round picture below your posts), should be no more than 300x300 pixels, and should be square in format. 

Since writing this advice the web site has been further developed, and your uploaded images will now be automatically resized if larger than 1200 by 900. You may however get an 'upload error' if your file is really large, in which case you will still need to resize your photo.

Here are some tips if you are using a Mac:

  • The built in application Preview can resize images but it does not seem to shrink the file size if you save back to the original file. Instead, choose export and after resizing.
  • ImageOptim is a great free tool for further reducing the file size of your images - simply open the utility and drag the image onto it.
  • ResizeMe is a discontinued app but still available here. It is incredibly easy to use and will resize a batch of images if required.

And for the PC users:

  • ImageOptim is available as a free web service.
  • RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is another web service which will resize photos.

(See also: automatic slideshows)