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How to subscribe to this site

It seems from recent discussions that most Geese have failed to discover the 'Subscribe' button in the menu bar, or are unaware of its purpose, so a little explanation is in order.

This web site uses RSS (Google it!) to automatically let you know when a new post is added to the site, but it is your choice whether to subscribe. Most desktop email programs should support RSS feeds but if you use only a web-based mail reader you are probably out of luck. You could in that case install an RSS reader but that is only worthwhile if you follow a number of feeds.

If you do use the desktop versions of Outlook, MacOS Mail, Thunderbird etc. you can easily get notifications when a new post is added to this site. I am too lazy to post per-program instructions, but once you have worked out the process (again, Google is your friend), you could click on the 'Subscribe' button in the menu above which will open a new, strange looking page, copy the page address from the address bar, and paste that into the RSS field of your mail program. Or, forget the 'Subscribe' button and just copy this address:

If that is all too hard to understand you could always ask for personal guidance. Hourly rate to be advised :)