A run to Killarney

4 Geese and a visitor took a run to Killarney for an overnighter, the start from Peachester was a bit chilly Sat 20th May and we »

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Thurs 19th Jan

A good number of riders gathered at Guncotton with a promising weather outlook and after coffee and food taken, a bit of discussion took place as »

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With the prospect of a hot day looming those  that attended Guncotton decided on a shortish run in the hinterland rather than a long way to »

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Thurs 27th

Quite a large group gathered at Yandina, I think around 15 or so, even had a couple of Moto Guzzis !! Without a definite destination we »

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Thurs 13th Oct

A small group at Guncotton decided after much soul searching and umming an ahhring that a shortish ride was the go, some had other things to »

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Vale Mark T

A sad note, Mark Trenerry one of our early Geese members has sadly ridden on, details of a memorial yet to be announced, condolences to our »

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Thurs 6th 

While we had a fairly full table at Guncotton the group ended up with 7, myself, Max, SteveP, big Neil, Fiona, Angus and Jim (on his »

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Thursday 24 August

A smaller than usual bunch at Guncotton for the days ride, myself, Angus,the 2 Niels, Lee H,Dave P,Mike L, took off for for points north with  »

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Thursday 3rd Feb ride

Why do we seemingly trust the weather guys, doom and gloom once again predicted for a Thursday, well lo and behold those few that turned up »

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Rider awareness

I have just read a very good article about why drivers do not see us as riders sometimes. The article is titled "A Fighter Pilots guide »

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