ild Geese

Thurs 27th

Quite a large group gathered at Yandina, I think around 15 or so, even had a couple of Moto Guzzis !!

Without a definite destination we decided to hit the road and get out to Kenilworth and sort out the ride for the day, once there some had more pressing matters and left so then we headed off via Conondale and postmans track to get out to Kilcoy.

Once at Kilcoy we could feel the heat building up and thus the thirst as well....and a few more left for home leaving 8 hardy, and getting hot riders, to scoot along Gregors Creek Road and into Toogoolawah for lunch.

We again solved some of the worlds problems and some personal ones as well over a cold drink and a good feed and hit the road for home via Mt Bepo rd and Somerset dam with the temp sitting nicely at 37c (well nice for some.....) fuel stops along the way and a cool down for a short while we waited at Kilcoy for one who decided he liked Somerset so much he went back for a 2nd run through !

We then split up to make our way home, funny how it felt a lot cooler going up Stanley River Rd when the temp 'dropped' to 33c, looks like our hot weather is upon us, so mesh jackets will no doubt be brought out for the next few months.