ild Geese


With the prospect of a hot day looming those  that attended Guncotton decided on a shortish run in the hinterland rather than a long way to the  north south or west.

8 intrepid riders headed out to Kenilworth for a reset and then a short run through the Mary River road and back to Kenilworth where we were now 7 riders before heading up to Kandanga where some decided to go straight to the Hotel and some did a quick run to Amamoor and onto Diamonfield road and back into Kandanga for lunch at the hotel.

An easy day ride and good company as follows, Myself, Max,Neil,Gary W, Mick L,the other Rod and Dave P and then a run home before the afternoon storm came in.

Just a note, can we please be considerate of other patrons at Guncotton, upon arrival and if parking out front switch off ASAP and then when leaving get dressed start you engine and move off immediately, please don't have your engine running with exhaust gasses and noise annoying the other patrons.