ild Geese

Lunch at Hell Town Hotrods

Another good turnout at the cafe, and Ozzie put his hand up to lead us on a well worn but always enjoyable meander out through the Sunshine Coast hinterland and north to Gunalda, where we turned south back through Gympie and onto the old Bruce Highway for a lunch stop at Hell Town Hotrods. The old highway has become a bit of a backwater since the new stretch was opened and we found Hell Town a bit short staffed, but they coped well with the sudden influx of Geese. Apparently they would have put on extra staff if we had phoned ahead but that is unfortunately not our style - we tend to wing it and decide a route on the day!

It was good to have a couple of Laverdas along for the ride, they may be vintage but still motor along very nicely. We should send Dave's Yamaha to the same mechanic, it was the only bike not keen to start after lunch - soon fixed with a friendly push from a few Geese.

An influx of Geese

One careful owner? Hell indeed!

Very tidy Henry's finest

The flock scattered to head home after another fine day out - thanks Ozzie.