ild Geese

Thursday 27th February

Eleven riders left Yandina heading south to avoid the showers that were showing up on the radar north of the coast.

We took the usual roads down to Peachester for a break, and then rode on to Kilcoy where Rod, Dave and Mario headed back to the coast leaving me, Neill, Ozzie, Steve, Mike, Neil, Garry W and Ash (GS) to go down through Somerset and on to Esk for lunch.

After lunch we rode the back road from Esk to Toogoolawah and then Gregor’s Creek Road back to Kilcoy.

While we were at the servo there in Kilcoy we could see the sky was black up northwards towards the coast so you’d think I would have made suitable preparations like getting the wet weather gear on before leaving but I’m happy to report that that idea did not occur to me and I rode on until I was half wringing wet before pulling up on the side of the road to put mine on while standing in the rain… (It’s not my fault, I was standing behind the door when they were handing out the bloody brains…)